First Light

            From the beginning of consciousness we humans have told stories that relate us to a greater consciousness that many call God. We call these stories myths because they do not share the truth, they simple point to a truth that our consciousness cannot totally comprehend. I would like to share one little story to help us contemplate a small part of the truth.

                  It is said that God has a repository of souls equal to the number of humans that have been born and will be born until the end of the human existence. Each soul is indwelled by a light that allows it to see from one end of the universe to the other end of the universe. When a new human is conceived by a mother and father, God chooses from the repository of souls the perfect match for the babe about to be born. An Angel of God is dispatched to carry the soul to its purpose for being.

                   Now, when the innocent soul gets wind of its true purpose for being, it complains bitterly to the Angel, “why must I go forth into this world of darkness and light?”

               The Angel is adamant, “Know that thou wert formed against thy will, so now thou wilt be born against thy will, and against thy will thou shalt die, and against thy will thou shalt give account of thyself before the Holy One, blessed be God”.

      With that, the dialog between Angel and soul is cut short.  In an instant…the soul is conjoined with the body of the fetus, the Angel fillips the babe on the nose to extinguish any memory of the pure light… and the human child is born!

               And you thought you knew why all babies come into the world crying.

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