That Elusive, Path of Life

     It is three full weeks since I had my knee replacement surgery. This was an elective
surgery. I chose the hospital, the surgeon, and the date for the procedure. For the most part, the event came off as planned. As I imagined this event in my life, I figured it was a good time to reflect on the path of life that lies ahead of me. I figured that I would be confined to the house and unable to move about easily; it would be time to contemplate instead of being active.

      The reality, as you might expect, has been different from the imagined experience. First, I was in the hospital for only three days. The day of the operation they had me
out of bed and starting to walk. The second day I began physical therapy for the repaired knee. Since the operation, I have spent two to three hours in therapy each day.  Because I am lucky to have many people in my life, friends and family, I have spent one to two hours each day either entertaining visitors, talking on the phone or communicating by email. Because I thought I was going to be bored during my recuperation, I prepared a special project for the down time; I purchased a digital scanner to convert old slides to a digital format for sharing family history.

     There has not been much time for contemplation and reflection on the path of life. I
guess in one way this is good, I have not felt a tinge of boredom. My knee now has good extension, nearly one hundred and eighty degrees; when I bend the knee I can go twenty degrees past the ninety degrees in a sitting position. I know that friends and family care about me, that is certainly uplifting. And now more than five hundred slides have either been scanned or pitched into the trash.  I have been busy as a beaver, but my path of life is as confusing as ever!

This brings me to my one reflection that I have contemplated over the past four weeks: the path of  life cannot be charted on a map like a trip from New York to Los Angeles. The best we can hope for is that we periodically look down at our feet and sense the path is still there. The direction into the future is always fraught with poorly conceived plans and misdirected hopes and wishes. Looking backward is sometimes helpful, we can appreciate our successes in life despite the false starts and bad decisions made along the way. If we are blessed then we have learned the benefit of grace that picks us up when we fall down and allows us to start over no matter how many times we fail in living the life we have planned.

Speaking of failures, I see that the month of June passed without my completing the promised monthly entry. This month of July I will avail myself of a little grace to try again to produce two entries, one will be a good story for reading.

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