Early this summer I shared plans to engage neighborhood children in an art project to draw pictures for one of my stories–Ice Cream Mud. It will be self-published as a picture book using Kindle Direct as I did the mouse story two years ago. Well, our young artists have been at it for more than a month and we are getting wonderful results. My partner for this project is Pat Achilles, a professional illustrator. She has helped the kids to establish a set of general characteristics–or norms– for the three animals in our story. It is a bit tricky to involve nine imaginations to tell one story. So far it seems to be working.

When I conceived this project I said that I wanted to reengage with that ten year old Raymond Lowell Gray by engaging with ten year olds today. I don’t know that it has happened yet, but I have appreciated being part of an experience where creative imaginations have been freed to express themselves as they please. For example: One line in the story says “The sun was high in a clear sky and it really was a hot, hot summer day!” One young artist drew a picture that shows the main character, Donkey, walking down the road and overhead is an orange-red star! I love that this child saw the sun–in truth a star–with five point instead of appearing as a round ball.

We all have imaginations, but sometimes living, growing up and being responsible adults stifles the expression of our imaginations. We are too careful about the norms of expression: the sun is round because the norm tells us this is so. I don’t know what physics has to say about this norm, but I know one ten year old who disagrees!

So have I run into that ten year old Raymond Lowell Gray in this past month? I don’t think so, but I am not sure I would recognize him if I did meet him–many norms of life have been shattered in sixty-seven years. One thing I will comment on is the relationship between play and work with a group of ten year olds. The first session, when we introduce the story to them, was full of play and enthusiasm for the project. The work of drawing the pictures has been more problematic–soccer games and dates at the swimming pool have distracted our young artist–but we have preserved, the work is being done and hopefully more norms will be shattered.

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