Still Pondering Knowledge!

The gift of being wholly human is to appreciate our ability to reason and at the same time to explore the spiritual side of life! These distinct gifts of the mind and soul do help us to engage life as best we can while we live in our physical bodies. Nevertheless, I will suggest that being wholly human in mind and soul has its limitations when we begin to explore the divine in ourselves. Our physical bodies keep us from truly experiencing the Self…the god/divine part of us!

The desire to experience “the Self” in us has been explored through the Greek word “kenosis” which is defined as the act of “emptying” one’s self of all things expressed through the ego. In the New Testament of the Bible, it is said that Jesus had to empty himself in becoming human–so it is the opposite of we humans emptying ourselves to discover the divine in us!

I will suggest another way to explore the act of kenosis through the creative process. I have spent the most of my life creating and sharing stories. When I tell a story in performance, I work long and hard to prepare the story, but when I step in front of an audience I clear my mind by paying attention to my breathing to clear my mind, to empty my self/ego to allow the creative process to come into being. When I tell a story I share what comes to me intuitively. Sometimes I tell the story as I have prepared it; sometimes, I am influenced by the audience and the setting to make changes to the story. It is about emptying the ego energy and being in the moment that we create the story appropriate for that particular audience.

The process of emptying is also part of the process when you create a story. You open yourself to sharing thoughts and ideas that may not reflect best to display your ego, but it creates a story that touches the souls in your audience.

One last thought on emptying one’s self to allow for the creative process: I think the act of kenosis may be helpful when we approach the moment of death. We open ourselves for discovery of that which we know will come when we are no longer a captive of the physical body!

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